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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mobile phone? No, I want an IPHONE!

I got a new mobile phone last year as a birthday present. It was a nice gesture, yes - the phone however was absolute crap.
It took me almost a year to figure out how to add a contact in this phone! I had to go back through all my messages and reply to previous messages if I wanted to text someone, and calls were a problem, I had to look write down the numbers and keep them safe (which is a real hassle if you live in a house like mine where things get lost easier than money is spent!)

So now I've decided to get rid of my current phone and get an iphone, which is great because I'm comfortable with apple - it's simple and easy to use. Plus I already have an ipod touch, it and an iphone are pretty similar so I already know most of the functions.

The problem is my current phone. It's under a 24 month contract, however I've still got 12 months left. So I have to cough up $380 to break out of it. Ah... perfect, eh? Well, it's better than a year. But leaves me cashless for about 3 months. It's better than putting up with the crap I have now... I think no phone at all is better.

It's worth it.

The point of all this ramble is that you have to work for things. Things won't just magically come to you because you want it to. I think that nowadays we forget things like this. We have a lot more technology now, things are more easily accessible. But you still have to work to get where you want to be.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Owch, eBay addiction!

When online shopping came around I thought "What a terrible idea, imagine how many people are going to pay for something they will never get or will come to the door broken!"

And yeah, we hear a lot of stories of this happening to people still! And false sales on eBay, like a man putting New Zealand up for sale. Also, theres the crazy random sales that are utterly ridiculous such as oh, I don't know, the "virgin Mary" imprinted on a toasted cheese sandwich!!

But then something changed...
It all started in October last year. I was looking around for a book I couldn't find anywhere, in ANY shop. So I took drastic measures - eBay! I found instantly, and for a very cheap price too! I decided to bid, it only has a few minutes left, no other bids and was brand new - The seller also had a great reputation. I figured, it's $7, not even double digits so if I never get the book who cares?

Three days later the postie turned up on my doorstep with the package. It was the book! I must have screamed 'Holy crap' at least 19 times out of disbelief that I hadn't been swindled. Then I discovered iTunes. Up until then, I bought all my songs physically as I hate using credit cards. Anyway, I got an iTunes giftcard for my birthday ($100!!!) and signed up with iTunes. I spoent the mney in about 5 minutes, soooooo many songs! AND movies, tv shows, books, games! I also got an ipod touch to go with it so I was as pleased as ... yeah.

I was beginning to become obsessed with digital shopping. I went back to eBay, bought another game, bought my sister a birthday present and bought the remainder of Harry Potter books. Back to itunes, bought more. And more. And more.

Tonight, on the 17th of April 2010, I bidded for another game. Theres less than an hour left for bidding and I am the highest bidder. *touch wood*

I currently live on the streets due to this addiction. (kidding..... *touch wood*)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tarantino Wants Lady Gaga in New Movie

Lady Gaga and Beyonce unveiled their 'Telephone' video last week and it appears that film director Quentin Tarantino want Gaga to appear in his upcoming movie as an assassin.

'Telephone,' based on Tarantino's hit movie series

'Kill Bill,' complete with a Pussy Wagon, is the second single from Lady Gaga's second album 'The Fame Monster' and the video is a sequel to her earlier video 'Paparazzi' where she killed her boyfriend and was arrested. In 'Telephone' Lady Gaga is sent to prison, where Beyonce eventually bails her out and they go on a homicidal rampage at a diner, before declaring that they are going "far, far away from here."

Telephone has

recieved generally positive reviews from both critics and fans.

Sandra Bullock's Husband Cheated?!

Hey, everyone.

So, you know the story... Sandra Bullock, married to this guy who I''m pretty sure shares his name with an outlaw (funny, that..) for five years, unknown to her, this guy had been cheating on her. Of course, the story broke just days after her Oscar's win, so in the fashion of the media they spread a story about an Oscar's curse. I'd be okay with that if it were a cool curse, like if you won an Oscar you'd be destined to receive a telephone call from a man claiming to be you're secret father that your mother slept with while hiking in Sweden. But instead, if a woman wins best actress she's going to lose her husband. It happened the Halle Berry, Resse Witherspoon, some other actress's I don't remember the names of... and now, Sandra Bullock.

The thing that suprises me though, that even though Jesse James had someone as gorgeous as Sandra Bullock, he has an affair with someone as slutty looking and tatoo-ed as Michelle MgGee! Doesn't it work the other way around? Why is it that the mistresses are always SO much ... not as good looking and gross that the wife/girlfriend?
What do you think?
Leave a comment, should Sandra forgive JJ?
Should this Michelle MgGee chick go back to tatoo-ing the word 'suicide' and stuff all over her body to make her look "hot" cough*?

Fiona O'loughlin Vs. Bindi Irwin

What is the big deal?
For those readers that don't know, there has been some *cough* "controversy" surrounding Fiona O'loughlin after she "badmouthed" Bindi Irwin on Spicks and Specks.

I could put this whole blog in quotation marks it's so ridiculous!
Fiona is a comedian, it's her job to have a go at people. When did we get so protective of Bindi Irwin, anyway? If I remember correctly, most of us found her irratating a couple of years ago after she won those Logie awards because all our shows were imported from overseas.

Fiona said what most of us have been thinking, and holy crap - have you seen the video? I think the chick with the gigantic ape laugh in the audience agrees! Drunk or not, Fiona hasn't gone over any line.

I've been busy recently, having had much time to update, will update again tomorrow to make up for it. *smiley face*
See you :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Worst Week of My Life, Dealing With Death

Hey, there readers.

I won't normally be posting things on Tuesdays, but today is an exception. See, my grandfather died today. I suppose this blog is sort of a vent...

Anyway, his death comes after possibly the most frustrating week of my life.

They say bad things come in threes, and judging from this week I'm abliged to agree.

So, fisrt off - Sunday. Or Saturday? No, I think it was Sunday... Anyway, my washing machine broke. It had been playing up for a few months and suddenly died. I'm not comparing my grandfather's death to a washing machine breaking, no.

Yesterday, I found out my Granfathers organs were shutting down after a long battle with Parkinsons Disease. He'd had the disease for a long time, and it's hard to remember him without it. To top off that sad day, my car won't start. It did the same thing about two months ago, it just made a churning sort of noise. So, I called the mechanic over, who told me I need a new battery. Great, yeah?

And finally, waking up this morning I hear the terrible news that my grandfather has infact, died in the early hours of this morning. Some time around 1-2pm.

I wasn't overly shocked. I knew his organs were shutting down and I knew it would be soon. In a way, I sort of knew he'd pass away during the night.

No, I haven't even cried. It's sad, but I'm not crying. I deal with death in a funny way. I seem to distract myself with my passion. Comedy and TV. The first thing I did when i heard he'd died was go and watch 30 Rock, which I'd taped the night before. They say laughter is the best medicine... For me, it really is. Comedy and TV are like my escape. When something isn't going well for me, I watch Friends. When I feel lonely I watch Ellen. When I feel great I watch anything.

Music is my other escape. No matter how I'm feeling, music can change my mood. Lady GaGa's Bad Romance has been stuck in my head since Christmas Day, Ke$ha's Tik Tok is battling it fiercely. These songs make me feel much better.

Tomorrow I board a plane to go to his funeral. It's going to be weird, I've never been to a funeral before. I have no idea what to do...

It's a sad time. My Grand Father died, but Im just happy he's no longer suffering. I will miss you, Poppy. Rest in peace.

Until Next time, readers.

Friday, February 26, 2010

RyanTube! *Gasp!*


So how are we, then?
I decided to create a brand new blog to go with my brand new YouTube channel: RyanTube10!!

First off, subscribe to my brand new, super-awesome channel here (Doesn't take long, promise):

Please post a comment with what you'd like to see from this blog? Stuff about me, my videos, jokes about current events, a mixture of all plus commentary from a flying preist?

Becuase this is my first post, I thought maybe I could do something fun. However I can't think of anything fun so Im just going to list my favourite websites and give out some details (perverts will love that one ;))

1. Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, useful for giving quick updates to people you know, and meeting those you don't know. Don't let the whole "following" thing throw you off. Twitter can be fun when used properly. Follow (stalk) me:

2. Facebook

Awesome site for mixing wih your friends. Not so great, because if you're reading this, it probably means you have no friends. Just teasing you, I want you to keep reading, willingly. Just so you know, I will force you :)
Facebook is fun when you have friends. You can find friend through mutual friends. Facebook isn't as commercial as Myspace which makes it more of a friendly enviroment to catch up with your "posse."

3. Youtube

Probably one of the best sites ever invented. Users upload videos and gain fanbases over time. You can upload anything, singing, dancing, comedy, acting, random talents, how-to's - But not Grandpa's drunken racist rants, thats a no-no! Youtube is sort of like the TV to blogging's radio. Youtube is very interactive, and is not only absolutley awesome, it's also a strategic game! To gain subscribers and veiwers you have to win people over and make them WANT to keep watching.

Those are my 3 favourite sites, guys!

What are yours?
xx love